Blue-light Blocking Glasses for Sleep

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goodnight blue light glasses (Baby Blue)

Goodnight blue light blocking glasses feature our signature blue light blocking lenses. These are designed to optimally block frequencies of light that interfere with your body's ability to prepare for sleep and stay asleep.

Our optical grade, clear lenses block 100% of blue light from 400nm to 490nm. This is the range that clinical trials have shown to lower melatonin production and negatively impact sleep.

The research about the effectiveness of blue light glasses for sleep speaks for itself, so we offer a money-back guarantee.

Instructions: While the best advice to improve sleep is not to use electronics before bed, if you're like us, we aren't giving them up. Wear your blue light blocking glasses 1 hour before bed each night, and you'll feel the difference. No need to sleep wearing the glasses - just enjoy the restful nights of sleep!

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Money-back Guarantee

Backed by science

Over 50% of homes have enough blue-light at night to suppress melatonin by 50%

The regular rise and fall of the sun has caused most organisms to develop 24-hour sleep-wake rhythms. However, humans have disrupted this with artificial sources of light. 

A study using wearable technology found that almost half of homes have bright enough light to suppress melatonin by 50%, which negatively affects the ability to fall asleep and negatively impacts sleep quality.